Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to Test the pH of Your Swimming Pool

If you've watched my videos, you understand how important pH is to keep a swimming pool clean. The question that naturally follows is, "How do I test the pH of MY swimming pool (which is ME)?"

That's a tough one.

A blood pH into the acid range can quickly stop the heart -- and that is why the body is exquisitely designed with various pH regulatory mechanisms. Acidity and osteoporosis go hand-in-hand, because the body uses calcium carbonate (from bone) to make bicarbonate which is used to remove acidity from the body (through the lungs by breathing out CO2 -- hence the reason a diabetic in keto-acidosis breathes hard -- and through the kidneys by discharging excess hydrogen ions into the urine).

If you caught my drift, you'll understand that pH and alkalinity work hand in hand. Alkaline minerals (such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) are used to "tie up" and remove acids from the body. Acidity, then, results in a depletion of alkaline minerals from the bone (calcium) and muscle (magnesium)...resulting in a weak skeleton and stiff/sore muscles (I don't care what disease you want to call this...I call it thin bones and stiff/sore muscles!).

So, to keep the pH of a swimming pool in the healthy 7.4 alkaline range, alkaline minerals must be added to the water -- this "buffers" the hydrogen of water and serves to keep pH from fluctuating quickly into the acid range. If you do not have sufficient alkaline minerals in your diet, your body will simply use the stores in your bones and muscles.

If, then, you took a pH strip (from a pool store) and checked the pH of your saliva or urine, and the alkalinity and pH were in a healthy range, how do you know where those alkaline minerals came from? As far as you know, the normal alkalinity on the paper is from calcium taken from your bones (and if you're a big soda drinker, you can COUNT on it)!

Do you see, now, how difficult it is to test the pH of YOUR swimming pool which is YOU?

The body will sacrifice the pH of the tissues to preserve the pH of the as to keep your heart from STOPPING!

The best indicators for knowing whether or not your tissue pH is in the correct range is HOW YOU FEEL. If you're easily winded/out-of-breath, you are acidic. If you tire easy, you're acidic. If you're sick and degenerating, you're acidic. If you have plenty of get-up-and-go, health, vitality...your swimming pool is in a healthy 7.4 range.

Are there exceptions to that? Of course there are. Some diseases, especially acute infections or trauma, will violate that principal. But there are a WHOLE HOST of illnesses which are reversible by returning the tissue pH to a healthy 7.4 and replacing depleted alkaline minerals. Any damage done from prior degeneration, such as damage to cartilage in arthritis, is done and is not reversible...but anyone at any age can clean up their pool.

So GET A LIFE! And clean up YOUR pool, no matter what your age or what "name" your doctor has given to your aches and pains! Just follow the four simple steps on the last page at and drop me a line at if you still have questions!


Kim Wolinski, MSW -- "Dr. DeClutter" said...

Love your "pool of thought" and research Doc.

But, "HOW" do we do this?

"HOW" do we eat differently?

What's the recipe for a 7.4 PH body balance??


mcnj said...

Thank you for your video on Pleomorphism. It's very good. One question though. Are you sure the change occurs due to acidity? Could the change occur due to toxicity i.e. poisons? Béchamp discovered that these micro-organisms (germs) feed upon the poisonous material which they find in the sick organism and prepare it for excretion. Your soda example would be a good one because sugar is poison.


Judgment Day said...

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Dear Doctor.
What can I say! You are excellent!
This is real science! This is a systematic, carefully reasoned, technical analysis of the nature of blood and adds a treasure to the scientific knowledge of the real meaning of cure.

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Ann Ruth said...

I think you saved my life. I feel better now than when I was 20 years old. I have been sick since High School with sinus infections and many rounds of antibiotics and never been the same. I now know that my internal "pool" needed a drastic make over. I have been following your advice with wonderful results. Thank you!!