Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forget Counting Calories!

Do you remember the funny episode of Lucille Ball where she couldn't keep the chocolates moving fast enough on the assembly line, so tried eating them? Bet you do if you were born before 1965!

That's what lack of exercise does to oxidation...slows the whole process down because oxygen is the final receptor in the electron transport chain (oxygen plus two hydrogens makes water). At the other end of the process though are the B-vitamins...and a deficiency in these also slows down the process of making energy.

Have you ever met a fat person who insists they don't eat much? I have! Many fat people do NOT overeat, but much of what they do eat is processed ready-made vitamin-deficient carbohydrates and lots of diet soda. No exercise, acidic soda AND no B-vitamins is a triple-whammy for fat and a shortened life.

That's why I insist that none of the diets have got it right yet. Counting calories is science off the chart. High protein diet is science off the planet (talk about a toll on the kidneys). Protein metabolizes into amino ACIDS and classical studies demonstrate that the body's ability to convert nicotinamide in meat into NAD is an uphill toll on the liver.

The Hunzas live well over 100 years...with loads of energy. In their diet is not only the apricot...but lots of SEEDS. We've stopped eating seeds which are LOADED WITH B-VITAMINS and became a bunch of bird brains.

I say bird brains because all the "markers" that scientists make so much hype about in the spirit of trying to make a name for themselves...are simply different metabolites of carbs, proteins or fats. Cholesterol and homocysteine are examples.

Do you realize in medical school doctors are taught organic chemistry with no explanation of where the vitamins work? NOTHING WHATSOEVER! For example, acetyl CoA (the fork in the road between making ATP from glucose or making fat and other acids) is made up of B5, ATP and vinegar (acetate). Put those together and that's acetyl CoA.

Now we have an explanation for why folks have said, for hundreds of years, that apple cider vinegar is a health tonic. The vinegar fuels the building of acetyl Coa and the malic acid from the apples directly fuels the Kreb's cycle of oxidation.

Small wonder, then, that apple cider vinegar works for reflux. Pancreas cells have a huge energy demand in the making of proteolytic enzymes to neutralize the acidic bolus of food leaving the stomach. Insufficient pancreatic enzymes equates to acid reflux.

Modern medicine though, prefers the knee-jerk patellar reflex, and blocks the acid of the stomach rather than giving the patient enzyme supplements...and so now we have the stage for a B12 deficiency (hydrochloric acid is needed to cleave B12 from meat).

When one understands how each cell needs ATP to perform its particular function, and eats so as to enhance/maximize that process, one can shop, cook and eat to live long and prosper. That's the diet that no one to date has proposed.

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